Configure your NodeJS Application with IBM Cloud App Configuration using nconf-appconfig

Why IBM Cloud App Configuration?

Centralized configuration management using IBM Cloud App Configuration provides the following benefits –

  • Managing environment based configurations are easy.
  • Managing global configurations which is common across environments easily as the properties when created are available across all environments
  • Updates to properties does not require any new deployments. Changes are propagated to the applications at real-time.
  • Values can be overridden based on segmentation of users.
  • Configuration as a code can be achieved using github actions
  • Access control can be easily managed per environment.

Configuring your NodeJS Applications using nconf-appconfig

You can configure your NodeJS applications using variety of npm packages. If you are using nconf already in your application, you can easily update your code to use nconf-appconfig npm package to pull properties from IBM Cloud App Configuration service instance.

Initialize nconf-appconfig
get property using nconf-appconfig


IBM Cloud App Configuration provides an easy way to maintain the centralized configurations. nconf-appconfig npm package helps easily adopt the code from nconf to externalize the configurations to App Configuration.




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